2 April 2015

Desi Gay Desires

Hi DGD Fans,

On March 17, 2015 without prior notice , Google Blogger deleted www.desi-gay-desires.blogspot.com blog. Though Google Blogger sent email in February end on "Blogger Content Policy Update" stated that it wont allow nudity for public view, and blogs that distributed sexually explicit images or graphic nudity would be made private. Google made U-turn and rolled back its policy change in early March due to outcry and feedbacks from public. For more info click the link An update on the Blogger porn content policy. So we blog admin and authors didn't come up with immediate actions. But unexpectedly without prior notice or intimidation Google deleted our blog stating " Other Abuse" as reason.

I know you guys will miss our DGD blog. Dont worry guys, we wont disappoint you. We have moved DGD blog archives to new location, here you can see all old posts from day 1 to last day post before the blog was deleted:

Nibblebit is a safe platform for the Gay blogs. From April 1, 2015 we will start our regular activities in desigaydesires.nibblebit.com and continue posting hot and sexy pics and videos of desi men with nudity and adult content.

We are also starting a new blog www.desi-mard.blogspot.com. This new blog will embrace the hot and sexyness of desi men without nudity.

So you guys got two new blogs, Lets cheer up !

I hope you guys will support this move / actions and make both blogs super hit. Please continue to support, appreciate, criticize and encourage us in our new blogs.

Thanks & Regards,
Umar Ali Khan


  1. "We have moved DGD blog archives to.........you can see all old posts from day 1 to last day post before the blog was deleted: www.desigaydesires.nibblebit.com"

    Umair, that link is empty. When will you update it?

    1. Directly click on the links in post

    2. Its 1st april...dude dont fool us...please post as promised.....waiting.......