18 August 2015

Desi Gay Desires

Hi DGD Fans,

On August 11, 2015 without prior notice , Google Blogger once again deleted www.desi-gay-desires.blogspot.com blog, stating " Other Abuse" as reason.

We are trying to restore it, please be patient for few days. Will keep you guys updated on any development.

Thanks & Regards,
Umar Ali Khan 


  1. We'll be waiting with patience...

  2. we always wait for you............and we love you and your blog so come back soon and come back with a bang

  3. we miss ur desi sensuality u introduced us to our raw desi masculinity which could beat even firangi fuck machine we door on

    hope u will be back with celestial nymphs sculptured chisel greek gods to reincarnate desi kamasture and spice up nights

  4. any update on the blog? we are waiting