19 February 2016

Desi Jaat

Indian jats of Haryana and Punjab are a super -rich class very much like Sheiks of Middle east . They have their own Gyms where they workout alone with their trainers .



  1. Why dgd removed?

  2. Dumbest description EVVER...

    1. are you surprised? they have always been like that.
      I am surprised that your comment is still there when they are always scared to hear different opinion.
      From collages to stupid censorship to falsely claiming every picture belonging to them to not giving credits to the models & website...they do all.

    2. We are neither scared nor do censorship on our own. We have give disclaimer about blog pics in right panel please read it. We always give credit to photographers. We do mention models names in posts, but if requested or not necessary we dont publish names as many models report to us that they get disturbed in social network platform, as it is easy to find them in FB or twitter with just names.

    3. If you aren't scared, then why can't anyone download photos from your blogs or why are the resolution of so many pics small?
      If you are taking pictures from a website which has model's name, then its very much clear they want people to know about their works. I am 100% sure that there won't be a model ever who would get disturbed if they are admired.
      I have often seen that you crop the original website from photos & add the tags of your sites on those photographs which is completely unethical as they don't belong to this website, even if you mention photographers name.
      As for hearing different opinion is concerned, I have been reading many comments over the past few weeks in which members are unhappy with collages and have been repeatedly opposing & requesting to post individual pics.
      But I guess this site isn't for fans but only admins.Being in a democratic country its strange to see forceful autocracy here.
      Its strange to read that saving space is the reason where there are millions of google blogs running since last 5 years with individual pics.
      I have seen you removing many comments which expressed different views or criticized with logic getting removed & deleted.

    4. I understand you dont like our blog. Point taken.You being "anonymous" asks me to reveal names of models. Very funny.
      We have 20,000+ visitors per day. and visitors number increasing day by day. Blogging is my hobby. its my blog, and obviously it will go with my taste, decision and likes.

    5. My name or identity isn't important as my pics aren't being posted here.
      You are again scared to address any of my questions & points directly! Very funny.
      Nothing in internet is your own & if you claim this blog to be your own, then make it private.Simple!

    6. If you dont like, dont visit my blog, Y should i make it private when others likes to visit.

  3. Replies
    1. you didn't like the blog and pics, so we removed it.

    2. Dude I'm big fan....How can u say that

    3. just kidding !
      don't worry, DGD blog will be back soon

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